Kylian Mbappe Steals the Show, France on to Sunday’s WC Showdown

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Kylian Mbappe is the center of attention as France steals it from Belgium, 1-0, in the World Cup semifinal in Saint Petersburg.

The teen footballer stars as his team reaches this Sunday’s showdown.

It needed him only one minute and two play phases to display how he has what it takes to capture the audience’s heart and how he helps his team ace the game.

He has everything, after all- the temperament (to find the perfect timing), the mind and body’s speed, and the technique (that steals that show). All these things combine for the soundest decision on the big “football stage.”

It all happened in the 56th minute of the game when you’d be left wondering, “What in the world was taking place?”

Things started with an extraordinary pace that has broken down on Belgium fueled with the intelligence to pick the right pass that set up Blaise Matuidi.

Unexpectedly, it was followed by pure impudence, out of this world display of skills that combined to flick the golden ball to Giroud in a single movement.

Any star footballer could have a video of their talent prowess and cut it into bits to display their skills; fortunately, Mbappe needed no editing on his video.

But the signs were already there.

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The opponents did not notice, unluckily. So the ending, it took only seconds for fear on Jan Vertonghen’s face anticipating what was waiting for Belgium.

While the match was a tight one, everyone was blown away with a drop of the shoulder especially when the young player went away.

In an earlier press conference last week, Coach Didier Deschamps was quoted saying, “What he has done so far is fantastic, but he can continue improving a lot.”

Deschamps added that Mbappe is a clever player although still learning and that at this stage in his career should continue learning. He added that the teen player is anything but raw even if he does have a raw pace.

More often than not, coaches and other significant people always tell young players to improve their decision-making skills to fulfill their goals and eventually reach their full potential.

After all, a wrong decision could break the team’s overall performance and lead to poor game results.

And at age 19, Mbappe’s decision-making skills can be too good either.

A bad decision was perhaps when he tried skipping beyond the third defender, not passing to a teammate. He also kept cutting through and his teammates kept missing.

But he was impressive in this game, no doubt.

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