On to Croatia’s Road to the Finals: ‘I’m One of World’s Best Defenders,’ Dejan Lovren

World Cup 2018 Croatia

He believes he’s proven it to the world. Croatia footballer Dejan Lovren says, “I’m one of world’s best defenders.” This punchy sentence, the player had to voice out after Croatia’s World Cup run.

He helped steer his team into the World Cup Finals.

That’s not all, though. Lovren also suggested that Croatia’s ability to go head to head against England would all come down to character strength.

Liverpool defender Lovren, who didn’t make it to the Euro 2016, emerged a winner into semifinal on Wednesday.

Then, exactly 7 weeks after losing versus Real Madrid in the Champions League, the footballer is now with confidence to face France on this Sunday’s Moscow showdown potentially to lead the way for Croatia for its first World Cup title.

The team is motivated for a shot at avenging their country’s semifinal loss 20 years ago in Les Bleus. Dejan Lovren feels he’s restored the reputation of himself and his nation’s at the World Cup tournament in Russia.

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Dejan Lovren proven himself as one of the world’s best defenders. Criticism is what motivates him further. | Photo: talksport.com

In October, by references to his mistakes (4-1 defeat vs. Tottenham Hotspur), he’s replaced after just 31 minutes at a Wembley showdown.

Who emerged victorious that day was Harry Kane, but it is a different story in St. Petersburg for the captain.

Lovren quoted: “This feels incredible, especially after everything that was said about us before the game.”

He added that the team has shown its character, showing they’re deserving to be a part of the WC finals.

He also asked people to respect them amidst what he thought to be unfair criticisms. The Liverpool footballer also asked people to respect him.

The player, who’s on the hot seat, revealed.

That criticism is what pushes him to work harder and to prove people wrong.

A steady and strong message to the world, Lovren, with justice, said that everyone around the world and in Croatia witnessed how the team managed to make a mark in history – and after two decades, people would recall them , not only the team back in 1998.

“That is why I am proud, and now we have one game to make people remember us forever.” – Dejan Lovren

Well said, Lovren, but let’s wait until Sunday’s match, everybody. We know you’re excited, and we are, too. Stay tuned for more updates on this story soon.

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