Marco Silva to Build an Everton Legacy

New manager Marco Silva says he will build an exciting and long-term successful Everton club at Goodison Park.

Silva, who worked as head coach for Watford and Hull City for less than nine months, expects to become Everton’s manager for a long time. He imagines a club in the Premier League that fans would be proud of.

Marco Silva
Marco Silva, new Everton manager. Image from

In front of the media, the Portuguese retired footballer said, “I have joined here not for one, or two years, but for more. It is a big challenge.”

The 40-year old highlights the importance of fans rooting for their team as a winning point when the club plays at home in Goodison Park.

“For me, the fans reflect how big the club is. It is a huge club and we need to give them some good feeling,” he highlighted.

Silva is determined to create an Everton that’s built on “commitment, motivation and ambition”.

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