UEFA EURO Qualfiliers: Cyprus vs Scotland Odds for November 16, 2019

I can’t have the Scots -0.25 favs away in Cyprus, first of all they are in terrible form and secondly they are missing a number of key players including Tierney and captain Robertson, McTominay of Unitedand Ryan Frazer of Bouremouth are out as well as Liam Cooper, Mulgrew and Stuart Findlay, more of those players …read more →

UEFA Euro Qualifiers: Scotland vs San Marino Odds for October 13, 2019

Scotland have become something of a joke, they have lost 4 games on the spin however against San Marino they should have way too much, Amazingly San Marino are being bet, i can’t have that it, without going into it the Scots still have some good players, McGinn, Frazer, Christie. Belgium beat San Marino 9-0 …read more →

UEFA Euro 2020 Belgium Vs. Scotland Asian Connect

UEFA Euro Qualifiers: Belgium vs Scotland Odds for June 11, 2019

Belgium vs Scotland Belgium host Scotland tonight in a match the home team are strongly fancied to win, the Scots were not too bad v Cyprus but they looked a little uncomfortable attacking, this style of the match will be better suited and I think Scotland can keep it close and I make the +2 …read more →

UEFA Euro 2020 Scotland vs Cyprus Asian Connect

UEFA European: Scotland vs Cyprus Odds for June 8, 2019

Scotland vs Cyprus A lot of people are tipping Scotland for an easy win but for me Scotland don’t do easy wins, they face a Cypriot side, the Scots best players are probably their wingers or wide men, Frazer and James Forrest have a lot of talent and McGregor, McTominay and John McGinn are all …read more →

San Marino vs Scotland AsianConnect

UEFA European: San Marino vs Scotland Odds for March 24, 2019

San Marino vs Scotland I have been debating all morning to bet Scotland here or not and as bad as they have been midweek I think against one of the worst national teams in the world I will give them another chance. Northern Ireland started -3.25 at odds on a recent trip to San Marino, …read more →