Africa Cup of Nations Nigeria Vs. Cameroon Asian Connect

Africa Cup of Nations: Nigeria vs Cameroon Odds for July 6, 2019

Nigeria vs Cameroon These 2 teams are 2 powerhouses of African football you would likely think we may get a good game but I am not certain that really will hold true. The unders which is not surprising has been bet this morning and the odds have come down but I think the bet is …read more →

Africa Cup of Nations Benin Vs. Cameroon Asian Connect

Africa Cup of Nations: Benin vs Cameroon Odds for July 2, 2019

Benin vs Cameroon This should have the potential to be a half decent match, Cameroon will want to top their group to get into the half of the draw where they may face probably Ghana or Mali but after that, they have the winners of Madagascar and either Kenya or South Africa. Cameroon have played …read more →

Africa Cup of Nations Cameroon Vs. Ghana Asian Connect

Africa Cup of Nations: Cameroon vs Ghana Odds for June 29, 2019

Cameroon vs Ghana I think this should be quite open, Ghana looked quite attacking in their first match and played with 10 men for a sustained period of that, I am not a fan of betting overs in games that contain closely matches sides but Ghana nor Cameroon will face confident of needing something from …read more →

6 National Teams Who Didn’t Make it to World Cup 2018

Football national teams battle out to take their places in this year’s World Cup in Russia. However, only 32 teams will qualify in eight groups. While it’s a big surprise for the Euro 2016 Panama and Iceland’s first ever entry to the World Cup, and the household names Germany, Argentina, Brazil, France and Spain were …read more →