Scottish Premiership: Celtic vs Hamilton Odds for August 02, 2020

I am betting under 3.75 goals in today’s match, I expect Hamilton to have regressed this season and I expect Celtic to probably be about the same as they were but I think the one thing I will say is that the goals will be a definite decline in games like this unless Celtic need to hammer a team. I do wonder without the crowd at games how motivated will Celtic to keep it going if they are 2 goals up especially in an early game and only 1 of these teams last 7 meetings have featured 4 goals or more. The sides met last season on December 4th and the Under goals were 3.75 back then but I think you can knock 0.25 of a goal off for lack of supporters in the ground. Hamilton will come to defend and will really focus on not getting a bad beating and I think they will do that today, I actually have value on Hamilton +3 as well and I was going to have a bet on that but happy to just have 1 bet on this match and needing 5 goals to be scored for a full loss in this game I am happy to rely on a bet solely on Under3.75 goals being scored.

Under 3.75 goals scored min odds 1.85