Bundesliga: RB Leipzig vs Bayern Munich Odds for April 03, 2021

RB Leipzig vs Bayern Munich


Munich is without key striker Robert Lewandowski and because of that the goals line has come down but his absence will not stop Bayern playing in the same manner. When the goal line opened for this match, it was close to a goal line of 3.5 now, we can bet Over 2.75 at odds of 1.8, I am going to be a bit braver and go for the Over 3 line which is currently best odds of 2.06, Bayern’s game this season have averaged 4.35 goals yes there is a reduction for the absence of such a player but 0.75 is simply too much and I think the overs are very attractive now because of it. Leipzig will need t attack and win the match as they are 4 points behind Bayern going into the game and this should make this match a very open one.

Over 3 goals scored min odds 2.00